Exhibition Overview

It is predicted that by 2025, the consumption of global edible fish will increase by 21% to 178 metric tons, of which 73% will come from Asia, and the estimated consumption of Asia will account for three of the total world's total consumption of two. The growth of the Asian market is strong and the demand for seafood is large. Expanding Asia's business has become the primary goal of international enterprises. Shanghai International Seafood Exhibition (SSIA CHINA) is a large trade fair, to understand the latest developments in China aquaculture market, suppliers and buyers to seafood around the world to provide a platform for exchange, to assist them in Shanghai, China mainland and Asia Pacific market business development, develop business opportunities and create a win-win situation. It will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center in from June 4 to 6, 2019 , and will be held at China (Shang hai) International Catering Food & Beverage Exhibition(CFBE CHINA) and Fresh Cold Chain Exhibition (CCLE CHINA). 

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