How far can the aquaculture industry go under environmental protection and high pressure?


Aquaculture Prize 2017-2018 usher in the most stringent regulation of non-compliance of environmental protection companies to be remediation; legitimate business enterprises, give strong support. Breeding industry, no shortage of people who change the status quo, but the lack of change in the status quo thinking. Daring to dare to do is the future of farmers.

 Environmental pressure is not terrible, the next three types of aquaculture models can be nationally recognized: 1) large-scale, standardized breeding will be strongly supported. Prior to the retail investors to resist the risk ability is poor, the overall strength is not strong, in the uniform standards are not strong. Therefore, the future scale of farming will be the focus of development. In 2017, the state will further increase its support for large-scale breeding. 2) The combination of birth and breeding has become a mode of production now more fire. The combination of planting and raising can solve the problems and pain points on both planting and breeding industries. 3) With the development of large-scale agriculture, the development of agriculture is increasingly becoming more refined and characteristic. New, extraordinary and special will become the new focus of agriculture, special breeding will become a new point of price increases of agricultural products.

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