China's first aquatic products quality and safety of local laws and regulations in Guangdong


Since September 1, "Regulations on the Quality and Safety of Fishery Products of Guangdong Province" (the "Regulations") have come into force. This is the first endemic regulation on the quality and safety of aquatic products promulgated by the Chinese Food Safety Law. "Regulations" combined with the actual production of aquatic products in Guangdong Province, established the people's government at or above the county level to establish and improve aquatic products quality and safety supervision and management mechanism; clarify the fisheries, food and drug regulatory functions and other departments, refined the task of division of labor to form a concerted effort Regulatory system. The "Regulations" put forward the requirements for establishing production records in the production of all aquatic products such as retail enterprises, enterprises and cooperatives; strengthened the supervision of input products, and especially regulated the use of water quality improvers and sediment improvers so that the use of these two types of substances Law enforcement and law enforcement can be.

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