Annual output of 110,000 tons! Cold water fish, the "potential stock" will be an important symbol of international competition in the future level of aquaculture


Cold-water fish farming is a highly resource-dependent industry. In the process of industrial development, there are often not enough norms, lack of funds, and remote distribution of resources that cause transportation problems. Experts pointed out that the location of cold-water fish farming, design, water is the key point, the design of China's cold-water fish farming areas are generally more ponds, the channel design is relatively narrow, relatively low density of farming, and in Denmark, fishery generally Channel design will be more spacious and easy to operate, breeding high density, a small number of breeding ponds.

     In fact, as long as the design is reasonable, appropriate management, balanced nutrition, high-density farming is no problem. According to statistics from the Salmon Professional Committee of the Aquaculture Society, the current available cold water resources in the northeast, northwest and southwest regions of China are over 5,000 m3 / S, and the potential for cold-water fish culture exceeds 500,000 tons. However, according to incomplete statistics, China's annual output of cold-water fish farming is about 110,000 tons, and the available resource space is still huge.

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