Breakthrough in transition challenges: on the development of shrimp farming in 2017


In 2017, the open-air white prawn farming is currently over half of its population. A small number of middle-aged shrimp have reached 40-45 in more than 80 days. However, due to the impact of the fishing season, the pond price of 40-45 Branch only 13-18 yuan / kg so, recently, it coincides with the national environmental protection and the typhoon hit a violent attack, at present, white prawn farming is facing an unprecedented challenge. To successfully break through in a large area, transformation is a key factor. Transformation is mainly divided into: production and research transformation of the various sectors in the upper reaches of the industrial chain, transformation of the management and control mode of the majority of farmers in the downstream industry. 2017, the transformation is irreversible, the transition is accelerating, and backwardness and outdated productivity will eventually be eliminated. The new generation of shrimp prawns who have born the new hope of the industry have emerged. They will take a proactive stance to create a new era of green, controlled, environmentally-friendly, high-input, high-yield and high-efficiency shrimp breeding!

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