urgent! "Mawa" menacing, has released a white typhoon + yellow big thunderstorm alarm!


According to the official website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued releasing the typhoon yellow warning at 0600 hours on September 3 this year: The No. 16 typhoon "Mawa" (Severe Tropical Storm) was located at Huilai Nanpo About 135 kilometers east of the South China Sea in the northeast of the sea, that is, 21.9 degrees north latitude, longitude 116.8 degrees, the maximum wind near the center there are 10 (25 m / s), the minimum pressure of 990 hectopascals, seven wind radius 130-200 Km. It is estimated that "Mawa" will move to the northwest at a speed of 5-10 kilometers per hour and will landed from Shanwei, Guangdong to Shantou this afternoon and late at night (Tropical Storm or Severe Tropical Storm, 20-25 m / Seconds, 8-10), landing strength rapidly weakened.

    Windstorm Forecast: On the 3rd from 0800 to 0800 on the 4th, the Taiwan Strait, the Bashi Strait, the northeastern South China Sea and the south-central coast of Fujian Province, the central and eastern coasts of Guangdong and the Pearl River Mouth Area will have 6-8 winds, "Mawa" Center There are 9-10 winds and 9-12 gusts of wind in the nearby sea area or area.

    Precipitation forecast: At 0800 UTC on the 3rd, at 0800 UTC on the 4th, heavy rains occurred in some areas of eastern Guangdong and southeastern Fujian, with heavy rainfalls (100-150 mm) on the eastern coast of Guangdong.

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