Protection of fishery resources, box net farming global madness


Global warming, shortage of fish resources, the protection of marine ecology and accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), my local aquaculture is facing the pressure of market competition, the Central Government is now actively promoting the offshore boxfish farming fish industry, to promote Taiwan's aquaculture industry from Traditional industries into high-quality farming fish industry.

Sea cage aquaculture "means the aquaculture method of keeping a large number of aquatic animals in a certain range of water by using fixedly constructed seine bodies at sea. It can control the growth of fish as it does in ponds and can catch fish at any time. With the advantages of not using terrestrial land and water resources, harvest and unit productivity of water bodies, the marine box net is similar to the natural marine fish due to the pure and pollution-free mariculture. The fleshy meat is liked by the consumers and has always been the favorite of Seafood Restaurant One of the sources of fish.

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